Saturday, June 4, 2011

Backyard Makeover - Almost complete!

Normally our backyard is pretty much a huge litter pan for our 4 dogs with a small veggie/herb garden. With baby #2 on the way and my desire to be a work-at-home mom for the next year, we decided it was time to do a complete backyard makeover! We started by cutting down two large trees that took up a lot of space:

Then we paved a larger portion of the yard:

We added a canopy and a chair/table set for 6 people, great for barbecues and other outdoor meals as a family:

We fixed up our veggie and herb garden:

We began planting some tropical plants/flowers (we need to add a few more, but this was a good start). I guess Lydia got kinda pooped out...

Then we assembled a nice playground area for Lydia. She already loves it, and we haven't even completed the swing portion:

Today Richard rented a stump grinder and removed the two large stumps. Tomorrow we will finish leveling the ground, plant more flowers/plants, and use mulch to cover the area under the playground. I would also like to buy Lydia a playhouse for outdoors and a kiddy pool. This should be such a great area for her this summer (and next school year)...and hopefully one day her little brother will play with her, too!

More pictures to come as we complete this project!

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  1. Everything looks great!! So, when I finally get a house and need a landscape architect I can call on you and Richard right? And I can't believe how big Lydia looks in these pictures!! OMG!! Time flies - it seems like just the other day that you were pregnant with her - GREAT JOB!!