Thursday, October 27, 2011

Our Learning Environment

Before Lydia was born, we created a pretty typical baby nursery ~ crib, glider w/ottoman, toy box, mobile, rug, etc. Well, I just scrolled through the 9000+ photos on my computer, and I cannot find one of her nursery. That should tell you how infrequently we used it. Lydia never slept in her crib, and it was recalled about a year ago. So, when we started to plan for Bryce's bedroom, we decided to make a toddler room. Right now, it basically serves as a classroom and playroom for the two of them. We wanted to go with bold, primary colors (see the colors used in this blog??) and we chose a space theme.

We have a toddler-sized table and chair set with a cool outer space rug below. The 4 bins on the side store different puzzles.

We have a library with books to fit each month's holidays or a particular theme. 

We have lots of storage for all of our learning toys, building blocks, and pretend play toys. I'm always looking for new ways to organize the room and new toys to add to our collection. I generally choose toys that combine imagination and learning. Lydia seems to love those, too!

So, that's our learning environment! Feel free to share ideas for creating a learning environment, for age-appropriate toddler toys, etc. I am always ready to learn more!

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